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The Contours - Whole Lotta Woman / Regional Version
7" Vinyl
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The Contours

Whole Lotta Woman / Regional Version

Jukebox Jam Series

Released: 16th June 2014 | 2 track classic r&b single

The Contours 'Whole Lotta Woman' is a great example of the exciting early soul era, and the trend-setting sounds that were emerging from Detroit's R&B scene of the early '60s. With one foot in the raw, saltier waters of the 1950s, and the other tapping a groovier, less jagged rhythm that was about to take hold of the nations clubs, 'Whole Lotta Woman' is a record which sits perfectly on the cusp. Appearing here on side A in the songs first incarnation - and the one which made a lot of noise locally in Detroit - and on Side B with the reworked, 'polished' version which Berry Gordy hoped would ignite nationally. In the event, neither release took the Contours to wide fame - that would come soon after with the release of 'Do You Love Me'.