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The CB's - Mike 4 President

The CB's

Mike 4 President

Jam City

Released: 15th October 2012 | 6 track breaks single

It's long been said that Cubans sing when they speak, dance when they walk and woo with a love song so it should be of little surprise that The Cuban Brothers' peerless funk soul review blends sexy, soulful music, with jaw-dropping b-boy action and riotous comedy. From humble beginnings Miguel Mantovani, Archerio Mantovani and Kengo San have built Los Hermanos Cubanos - The Cuban Brothers - into a legendary outfit that continuously sells out shows across the globe.

The latest good time joint from The Cuban Brothers Presents The CBs, 'Mike 4 President' is aural sunshine, beaming it's brilliance from your speakers and transporting you, body and soul, to the only party that matters. One of the finest funk outfits on the planet, The Cuban Brothers' elite musical policy advisors, The CBs, mix up the Latin beats, fat bass and silky strings, as the man himself, Miguel Mantovani, AKA Mike Keat, drops his manifesto in a dope flow to keep the good times rolling. Potentially the only democratically elected Cuban leader known to man, Mike's policies are silly-fresh and will get dancefloors worldwide voting with their feet. The original is packed up with two stunning remixes from two of the hottest artists of 2012. Psychemagik lend their mind-altering cosmic disco sounds and Erb N Dub rolls out a perfect Drum & Bass rework.