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Kirk Degiorgio - Presents Sambatek - The Remixes
12" Vinyl
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Kirk Degiorgio

Presents Sambatek - The Remixes

Far Out Recordings

Released: 13th May 2013 | 4 track techno single

As a prelude to the upcoming release of legendary technoist Kirk Degiorgio's 'Sambatek' project, Far Our has brought together a globe trotting cabal of techno auteurs to remix selected tracks from the album delivering a straight up club kut 12 of pure sonic devilment. From Detroit don Rick Wilhite, fresh face Barcelonan duo NX-1 and London's mercurial post sub innovator Spatial, these remixes take the Sambatek template and filter it through the producer's distorted visions of what carnival at Berghain sounds like.

A1 - Kirk Degiorgio 'Babilonia' (Rick Wilhite Remix)

A member of 3 Chairs (alongside Theo Parrish, Moodymann, and Marcellus Pittman), known under a host of pseudonyms including DOC, Tech-12, Working Mixx and most recently The Godson, Rick Wilhite is a standout amongst Detroit's ground breaking electronic music scene. His remix of Babilonia washes bubbling sub bass arpeggios over ethereal haunting chord progressions laced through an upfront kick and classicDetroithat giving this stellar mix the authentic Wilhite treatment.

A2 - Kirk Degiorgio 'Babilonia' (Rick Wilhite Dub)

The Dub of Wilhite's remix goes one step further dropping the direct kick and upping the subs percussive presence while pushing the boundaries of his sonic pallet to distorted and uncompromising effect. Evolving like a mutant genome this Dub grows both dark and yet serene in equal parts.

B1 - Kirk Degiorgio 'Borel' (NX-1 Remix)

NX-1 is the duo of long time friends and hotly tipped producers Surit and Samot from Barcelona. Founders of NEXE Records and known for their purist techno sound of deep and pounding percussion layered with dense and tactile textures, their tracks have garnered a simmering buzz from those in the know including Mr. Degiorgio himself who contacted them directly to partake in this project. In this case the Spanish duodelivered a rumbling techno groover. Dark hypnotic bass patterns chug along, gradually twisting into percussive themes which disappear almost as soon as they arise, giving way to even denser rhythms. This one has layers. Perfect to lose yourself within at a dark and sweaty warehouse.

B2 - Kirk Degiorgio 'Morro Da Formiga' (Spatial Remix)

In the wake of London's Dubstep devolution, late 2008 saw spatial spawn his infrasonics imprint, a hive technoid garage house hybridization. Since, and always at the virtual forefront of what's happening now, spatial has been on a war path releasing killer 12's after killer 12's on a host of boutique imprints across the underground spectrum of dance including Niche&Bump, Well Rounded, Stillcold and a forthcoming WNCL release that looks set to redefine banging dark garage house for 2013. His take on Morro Da Formiga delivers a sublime cascade of synth infused samba break madness and Brazillian percussion meted out on a bed of pure raw dark tech bass.