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Derek Rogers - Mist & Drift

Derek Rogers

Mist & Drift

Jehu & Chinaman

Released: 28th January 2013 | 2 track experimental ep

Derek Rogers' output is so consistently brilliant it's ridiculous. Having already released music through labels like Kendra Steiner Editions, Tape Drift, Stunned Records, Calypso Hum, Bridgetown Records and Prairie Fire, we're delighted to be able to give him his very first UK release on Jehu and Chinaman.

Mist & Drift consists of two epic side-length tracks, marking the first time Rogers has used laptops as his sole method of manipulating sound. It is also the first time his new piano has formed a major part of his work. The drones here are challenging ones, but full of light and life that reflect the artist's LA environs.

RIYL: Lee Noble, Stars of the Lid, David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, Gavin Bryars, William Basinski.