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Pete Fosco - Altar of Dusk

Pete Fosco

Altar of Dusk

Jehu & Chinaman

Released: 24th June 2013 | 5 track experimental album

Greenup Industries' Pete Fosco returns with his first set of new solo music since 2011's exceptional Vacationlanded. Opening gently with the late night creak of his Greenup neighbourhood, Altar of Dusk evolves into a series of long, intricate guitar drones and ragas that evoke windswept wastelands, starry desert skies and the meandering paths of ancient, ghostly rivers.

Side B consists of a single improvised noise jam recorded live with Fosco's friend and collaborator Chris Adams at Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati. 'Hoffner Synthesis' represents the darker, more violent side to Fosco's sonic personality, bringing to mind the electronic thump and churn of his Concessionaires work with Brad Rose and, towards its collapsing climax, the all-out guitar destruction of artists like Rogue Cop and Nick Millevoi.

Altar of Dusk is released in a limited edition of thirty hand-numbered tapes for the world with original photography by Stephen Freeman. As always, they were dubbed by our buddies at Bomb Shop.