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Scammers - A Song That Can Exist


A Song That Can Exist

Jehu & Chinaman

Released: 17th February 2014 | 7 track experimental album

Scammers' Phil Diamond presents his most personal set of songs so far with his new tape A Song That Can Exist for Jehu & Chinaman. Following albums for Skrot Up, Closet God and Lillerne Tapes on which Diamond explored Princely electronic funk and Bowie-esque future-rock, the Missouri artist plumbs his own soul for A Song That Can Exist, finding inspiration in Scott Walker's haunting death-croon, Leonard Cohen's poetic glumness and Julee Cruise's otherworldly dream pop to create an album that is as brutally self-doubting as it is romantic. Diamond's world is one in which imagined brighter futures forever collide with the harsh realities of the present, creating a disconnect that jars its creator into writing some of the most affecting avant-pop music of our time.

In his own words: Each Scammers album is its own K-hole of egotism; a battle between the heartfelt love obsessed Scammers and the self-obsessed narcissist Scammers... A Song That Can Exist is dedicated to the inevitability of adulthood; that everyone must be dethroned, ostracised, and feel the power of their own self-destruction in order to achieve the next level in life.