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Pharmakustik & Tanner Garza - Pleuraraum

Pharmakustik & Tanner Garza


Jehu & Chinaman

Released: 17th March 2014 | 2 track experimental album

Siegmar Fricke began releasing music in 1981 with initial forays into musique-concrete and sound collage using tape loops and shortwave radio signals. A veteran of the noise and electronic scene who counts legendary figures like Maurizio Bianchi and Giancarlo Toniutti amongst his collaborators, Fricke pioneered the style he dubs Audioclinical Investigation with his Pharmakustik project, which has been active since 2001. Most recently he has released music through Monochrome Vision and Menstrual Recordings, with innumerable small-batch tape issues dotted in between.

Fricke describes Pleuraraum as being a kind of soundtrack for a non-existing medical film... mind cinema for listeners with a new aural conscience.

Tanner Garza's background is in harsh noise and scuzz, with appearances in the line-up of Black Leather Jesus, Slashed Pretty Girls and Priest in Shit under his belt. His solo work tends towards quieter rumination, with tape loops, glitches and drones taking precedent. His tape releases are often limited to single copies, meaning Pleuraraum represents a rare chance for fans to catch his work on a (slightly) wider scale. It's safe to assume these won't be around for long.

Stromal Invasion infects the tape from the offset, its viscous glitches filtering into the lungs like the cancer its title describes before giving way to Ascitic Fluid, which floods the torso, distending and misshaping the constructs of its bloody, bloated self. Fricke's scientific manipulation of minuscule sonic elements lends a mortal sense of helplessness to Garza's slowly warping loops – the more often they turn over, the more unstoppable the liquefied surge becomes and drowning emerges as an inevitability.

Pleuraraum is limited to 30 copies for the world. The tapes feature original mixed media artwork by Tanner Garza and design layout by Gareth Courage. They were dubbed by our good friends at Bomb Shop, to whom we are eternally thankful.