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Circuit Rider UK - Alienist

Circuit Rider UK


Jehu & Chinaman

Released: 5th May 2014 | 6 track experimental album

Lee Noble and Derek Rogers return to Jehu & Chinaman for their third outing as a duo, following last year's critically acclaimed Unit Holds and the recent Culprit tape for Tabs Out. This time they've changed their name slightly because people thought the were an obscure '80s psych rock band. Music nerds sometimes...

Alienist sees Circuit Rider UK working in a far more concentrated aural realm where fragments of sound zip busily in the ether, gradually combining to create complex organisms of profound tension and considerable weight. Tracks like Formation of a New Sensory World provide brief respite in the form of short, sharp blasts of noise – the sonic equivalent of valves being loosened to reduce dangerously high levels of internal pressure before the process of formation is allowed to begin again. Images come to mind of a ruined future earth where technology's insatiable growth has brought about a fizzing era of mass destruction. There are no humans here, just the humming carcasses of our creations attempting to reconnect and start over. Deluge, 1933 represents the longest, most expansive piece of music yet developed by the LA duo, allowing them the time to tighten their grip gradually and confirm their position as one of the most exciting and evocative experimental electronic acts of recent years.