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AstroLogical - Truthseeker



Jellyfish Recordings

Released: 11th March 2013 | 11 track downtempo album

Truthseeker LP is the new full length album from Jellyfish's own, AstroLogical aka. Nate Drobner. As the seventh solo release in his growing catalog, Truthseeker is a collection of hypnotic jazz/funk hip-hop beats, full of Fender Rhodes, subby basslines, Dilla-influences, and touches of psychedelia. The album is nearly entirely comprised of samples (with the exception of Passage), and features Vancouver rapper Kapok (of the Indigo Kids), and A-Ro of Elekwent Folk. Collaborations with fellow Jellyfish mainstay Nick Wisdom (of Potatohead People) & Denmark-based producer Galimatias also appear. Have a glass of absinthe (or whatever mind expanding tools you prefer) and enjoy the uniquely cosmic sounds that AstroLogical continues to consistently pump out. 2013 is looking bright already.