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Mechanical Soul EP

Jus Like Music Records

Released: 19th September 2011 | 6 track electro-funk ep

After releasing his debut single last year on

"Loving 'Reach The Clouds' - will bang!"
Om Unit, Cosmic Bridge Records
"Really liking this. Reminds me of Sa-Ra, but in a good way! It's a strong EP - got me zoning!"
Quest, Deep Medi
"Journey Through My Mind' sounds cool to me!"
Ahu, One-Handed Music
"Oof! BUG killed it with this one. Big fan of his work, dude just keeps getting better. Proper head nod soulful bugged out madness - dope!"
kidkanevil, First Word Records
"Really solid, but just loose enough. I'll definitely be dropping 'Reach The Clouds' and 'Mechanical Soul'!"
Danny Drive Thru, Mind On Fire / Fat City
"Electronic, mechanical genius and spirited soul."
Blue Daisy, Black Acre
"BUG turns it out for his debut with six tracks of neon-lit chrome-plated robo-soul!"
Natural Self, Tru Thoughts
"Love it. I'm a supporter!"
Miles Bonny, Melting Pot Music
"Check the title track for a dose of heavyweight modern boogie G-funk, or 'We Doin It' for a jazzy hip-hop head nod. Great stuff through and through!"
Von Bee, Turntable Lab