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Kratos Himself

An Imaginarium Remixed

Jus Like Music Records

Released: 16th December 2013 | 9 track downtempo ep

An Imaginarium Remixed is the a new nine-track compilation EP by Kratos Himself on Jus Like Music Records. After A Town Called Imaginarium (released in June this year on Jus like Music Records) and Imagination (released on Export), An Imaginarium Remixed is the final instalment in Kratos' three-part 'Imagination' series.

The new release contains five new tracks as well as four remixes of tracks from A Town Called Imaginarium. The remixes have been expertly crafted by Scrimshire (Wah Wah 45s), Blossom (Project:MOONCIRCLE / Export), Jesse Futerman (Jus Like Music Records) and Suplington (Cult Classic Records) - all applying their own unique musical angles on Kratos' ethereal, electronic and organic blend.

Just like the two EPs that came before, there are additional vocals by K.J.B. and Ditte de Muynck spread throughout this release.