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Lee Mason / Jean Claude Petit - Shady Blues / Psychedelic Portrait
7" Vinyl
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Lee Mason / Jean Claude Petit

Shady Blues / Psychedelic Portrait


Released: 30th August 2010 | 2 track single
Lee Mason's infamous, elusive and decidedly sleazy Shady Blues has finally been brought to justice. A track that's downright dangerous; that's been sampled dozens of times; that's appeared on numerous dodgy bootlegs and has had record hounds tracking its scent for years - has finally been nicked and locked down to wax. The story started in the mid-'90s when library fever was about to grip the nation, and the good libraries still rubbed shoulders with the bad. But the time soon came when the good ones just disappeared, leaving the shite behind... where did they all go? Collectors, DJs, dealers and producers (Madlib, The Outsidaz) are all responsible for removing these records from our midst, but few of them ever even saw the elusive UK Chappell library LP Lee Mason & his Music, let alone capture one for themselves. The bootleggers released Shady Blues and named it after Peter Moore to throw people off the scent, but now after all this time, reproduced from the original studio mastertapes, you can hear the ultimate combination of ultra fat drums and awesome flute in all its naked glory. Like all Jazzman 45s you get two tunes for your money - Psychedelic Portrait on the flip comes from the French division of Chappell - and loses no time getting busy with one mother of an open drum break. It's pure mayhem all the way as this library funk monster continues on its relentless journey - no-one, nothing can stop it now!