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Bajka - The Only Religion / A Vision
7" Vinyl
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The Only Religion / A Vision


Released: 1st January 2009 | 2 track funk single
Musician, poet and songwriter Bajka (pronounced 'Biker') is an enigmatic lady with a cross-cultural charm and a voice that can be likened only to that of the great Billie Holiday. Don't believe me? Have a listen and decide for yourself. The Only Religion was recorded in the '90s with the help of some friends who were members of German bands The Poets of Rhythm and Das Goldenes Zeitalter. A few other recordings were done too though none of them released; you can expect to hear more of Bajka on 2 x Jazzman 12s sometime in early 2006. Music will be of a modal jazz nature - deep, spiritual and with that wonderful voice.