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The Natural Yogurt Band - Eastern Promise
7" Vinyl
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The Natural Yogurt Band

Eastern Promise


Released: 12th July 2010 | 2 track avant garde jazz single
MUSIC ...continuing where they left off the NYB don't disappoint with another glimpse into their extensive archive of ethereal, esoteric and otherworldly sounds! Percussive polyphonics, transient pulsations and phonosynthetic oscillations massage your brain and ease your senses into a floating world of physiodelic cosmic space throb. BACKGROUND Nothing much has changed since Away with the Melancholy, the first album recorded by NYB. It sold out everywhere, quickly, and much was said about the band, much of it rumour and conjecture. They have yet to perform live, and they still refuse to do interviews. We put out their records and we still haven't even met face to face! Of course what really matters is whether or not they make good music. Here's a single that's taken from their new album, Tuck in with the Natural Yogurt Band, which will be out in the autumn. Let your ears decide!