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Joe Johnson - Rattlesnake, Baby, Rattlesnake
7" Vinyl
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Joe Johnson

Rattlesnake, Baby, Rattlesnake


Released: 19th September 2011 | 2 track jump blues single
If it's a shimmying, head-nodding and hip-twisting R&B party-starter that you're looking for, then look no further than Rattlesnake Baby from Joe Johnson! Based around a ridiculously infectious groove, this is the kind of sound you can easily envision playing behind the podium dancers of the Whisky-A-Go-Go, so if you want to lend a little bit of mid-60s dance-craze authenticity to your happening, 'Rattlesnake Baby' is just the ticket. Who knows exactly what the 'Rattlesnake' dance looked like, our suggestion would be to listen to the Joe's simple instructions, and improvise!

Flip it over and 'Gold Digging Man' is no slouch either - a heavy bottomed, boogaloo-tinged stomper which betrays a strong influence of '64, '65 era JB. More party starters, from Jazzman!

45rpm USA press, big centre hole, black vinyl