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Louis Xavier & Synchro Rythmic Ecclectic Language - Sipote
7" Vinyl
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Louis Xavier & Synchro Rythmic Ecclectic Language



Released: 14th May 2012 | 2 track jazz-funk single

Amazing tropical jazz double-sider with spiritual vibes and funk-fuelled rhythms

On first listening you'll soon hear that Louis Xavier makes music like no other. Born on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, his musical education knew no bounds, untainted by popular culture of the modern day. A true free spirit, his interest in African, European, American and Asian music grew from an early age, although it was only later when he settled in France and discovered the freedom of jazz that the idea to converge these global musical energies began to develop.

He formed his band Synchro Rythmic Ecclectic Language in Paris in the early '70s. Well ahead of his time, the eclecticism is what makes the music so special and unique. Fusing intricate rhythms with tones, harmonies and melodies that reflect an absorption of hundreds of years of diverse ethnic traditions, the language of Jazz is chosen as the primary medium to convey Louis' message: My search of communication means that even if we seem at first to have nothing in common we can communicate in a universal language which is MUSIC and particularly JAZZ.

Originally released with a picture sleeve, the original 45 is now impossibly rare and practically unknown even in collectors circles. One song will feature on our forthcoming album 'Spiritual Jazz 3' along with further notes and previously unseen pictures.