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Various Artists - That's What Friends Are For

Various Artists

That's What Friends Are For


Released: 1st January 2009 | 5 track funk ep
This is the third in our series of CDs celebrating the weird and wonderful world of groovy 7 records. For a few years now we've been scouring the earth for the wildest, most obscure and BEST recordings known (and unknown) to man! Then we put them out on 7 vinyl, and unlike most record companies we make sure BOTH sides are KILLER sides! But getting copies of our Jazzman 7s can sometimes be difficult. DJs and collectors around the world scoop up armfuls of our little beauties for Djing, showing off to their friends and for singing along to in the shower. This means that they are often sold out of record stores, and therefore hard to come by! Also, in this digital age many record shops do not stock 7 records, and so our 7 releases are useless to those who do not own a turntable. We truly believe that this music is so good it must be heard by as many people as possible, so here we are with our third CD featuring a fine selection of the best Jazzman 7s we've done yet!