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Soul Toronados - The Complete Recordings

Soul Toronados

The Complete Recordings


Released: 1st September 2009 | 7 track soul album
The Heller brothers played drums and organ together in Akron, Ohio since they were kids. Their family home was known to travelling musicians such as Jimmy Smith and Brother Jack McDuff as a place where they could kick back, sample some homemade soul food and maybe grab some sleep. That is if the brothers hadn't managed to persuade them to teach them some musical tricks! So with America's finest soul and jazz musicians as their teachers, the brothers formed The Soul Toronados with two school friends. In 1969, during their teenage years, they took the opportunity to sign a recording contract with a local producer and, one all-night session later, enough music to make three 45s was recorded: chugging bass, scratchy guitar of course a screaming top end organ that's pitched just right! The rare originals have now been collectors items for years, commanding high prices by DJs and collectors around the world.