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Uncle Funkenstein - Together Again
CD Album

Uncle Funkenstein

Together Again


Released: 1st January 2009 | 9 track jazz-funk album
Kicking off a new series of Jazzman re-issues, our Holy Grail series will include the rarest and most coveted soul, funk & jazz LPs ever released on CD and limited edition numbered vinyl. The CD booklets will contain pictures, interviews and information on the making and history of the record, while the LPs will be exact copies of the original, with a unique number denoting the limited issue on the back. Only a handful of copies known? No problem Super rare, in huge demand and worth thousands of dollars? No problem A Holy Grail LP that's so rare it's only rumoured to exist? Well we can't work miracles, but if it does exist then we're on the case! And that's what Uncle Funkenstein is all about. Never before on eBay and impossible to find, this is an ultra-rare LP that funk collectors talk about but never see. One of the ultimate private press funk/jazz LPs, with just a handful of known copies. The original album bears all the hallmarks of the local, private press album - black and white budget cover, home-made conceived on a kitchen table sleeve design, self-produced and on a shoe-string budget. Some of these kind of records are over hyped and have all kinds of amazing things said about them - only for the MUSIC itself to disappoint. Not so with Uncle Funkenstein - you'll know that from the moment you hit Track 1 and the awesome bass blows you away...