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Ricardo Marrero - A Taste
CD Album
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Ricardo Marrero

A Taste


Released: 1st January 2009 | 10 track latin soul album
The third in our HOLY GRAIL series of Rare LP reissues - ALL vinyl copies of previous issues are now SOLD OUT Just in time for summer and here's a mouth-watering taste of super latin soul! With the ingredients ranging from spicy hot funk to cool refreshing salsa, Ricardo Marrero's A Taste sets the scene for an exciting summer awash with soulful latin rhythms over a tropical breeze... an album of wonderful music - an album that very nearly never happened! The story of this album begins in New York during the mid '70s. It's a story of stolen master tapes, shady deals and records deliberately made NOT to be sold. It's the story of the musical obsession of one man who has devoted his life to music and how he was sold down the river by unscrupulous record industry moguls. It's also the story of one of the rarest, most in demand and expensive records the world has ever known, with only a handful of copies of this super LP ever being found. Demand for the solid music within has led to a bidding frenzy whenever a copy has surfaced - the latest one on eBay fetched an amazing $4000! Records don't get much more collectable than that, and so we have no hesitation of awarding a coveted Holy Grail status to this LP, the third in our acclaimed series. Why so rare? We spoke to Ricardo himself to find out, and his remarkable story is revealed in the CD liners for the first time ever. He speaks about the recording of the album and his disappointment at the stolen tapes, his ill-fated association with boxing legend Don King, and the making of the legendary latin funk anthem Babalonia, which underwent no less than 4 pressings. We've also included a rare picture of the band, and two alternate takes of songs previously only obtainable on 7 vinyl. The LP is a repro of the original, and is numbered and limited to 1000 copies only and will NOT be repressed.