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Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro
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Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro


Released: 9th November 2009 | 16 track funk album
We've all heard the Dap-Kings from the USA, the Poets of Rhythm from Germany, and the New Mastersounds from the UK. Well now it's time to make way for a neat dose of super duper hard 'n heavy funk from JAPAN - it's the debut UK album from MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILIMANJARO! Although these funk sides were recorded over a year ago, the reserved nature of the Japanese music scene has kept MMK recordings hidden from the ravenous ears of funk fans around the world. That's until Jazzman Gerald & Fryer went on a DJ trip to Tokyo recently where they stumbled across an MMK album - an amazing secret privy only to the ears of Japan's bourgeoning funk scene. We instantly knew we had hit upon something big, This stuff is awesome - we must release it in the UK - now!!! Upon our return no time was wasted - the wheels were set in motion and a deal was struck! Jazzman has already excited funk fans the world over with their many superb deep funk reissues, but none yet has caused such excitement as the the incredibly dope Japan-themed super-size big-hole white vinyl 10 single that's just been released and taken from this very album. And now's the time for that album to be unleashed upon the world - you get no less than 14 proper good original hardcore deep funk party bangers on one LP/CD! Even James Brown couldn't manage that!