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Hilton Felton - The Best of Hilton Felton
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Hilton Felton

The Best of Hilton Felton


Released: 30th April 2012 | 5 track jazz-funk album

This is the fantastic funky jazz sound of Hilton Felton, and let me tell you that the cool, rhythmic, pulsating drive of this album will get next to your mind. The city of Washington DC claims Hilton Felton, we love him here and we want the rest of the country and the world to know of his amazing talents. Hilton Felton is a monster within himself, he can write, produce and is a wizard on the piano and Hammond B3. This album consists of five tunes recorded over the years 1970 thru '74 for his very own Hilton's Concept record company, and I guarantee you that he and his fellow band members will pour it on you by the pail full. Listen to them now, so you can say you have heard the best - The Best of Hilton Felton.


D. Stone WPFU