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cd_slopper - SaskieWoxi
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Released: 5th March 2001 | 1 track single
file under: Different Computer Music type: 44 audio tracks [37:03], + contains static as well as dynamic HTML/text/pics/Java executables and Audio files [PC/MAC/LINUX] price: standard cd price cd_slopper is the file 'working-name' for the Computer Music unit of Oswald Berthold and Florian Hecker. Hecker and Ost first met in 1995/96 at the MEGO office in Vienna. Both familiar with Computers and DSP processes of both academic and autodidactic influences, they grabbed their first mobile computer when Apple released the first PowerPC laptop ever, the PowerBook 5300! On the first Mego tour [1997] it was their only weapon, maybe some CD's and 12' included, they... From 1996 > 2000 Berthold and Hecker worked hard on their albums for Mego and OR. Ost is a founding member of the farmersmanual group who released such Desktop Music milestones as 'no backup' and 'fm'on MEGO, and 'FSCK' and 'explores_we' on OR. Hecker has released new age computer music solo albums on MEGO [IT iso 161975] and [[OT] xackpy breakpoint:] on OR. He also curated/compiled a remix CD of his own work for MEGO, [R*] ISO|CHALL], featuring remixes by: Jim O'Rourke, Bruce Gilbert, Yasunao Tone, GESCOM, Zbigniew Karkowski, Holger Hiller, Francisco Lòpez, Marcus Schmickler, Otomo Yoshihide, Ilpo Vãisãnen and Lithops. Finding spare time between their tour schedules, they either met in each other's studio, working on different computer platforms as SGI/UNIX, LINUX and Mac OS to produce this release. SaskieWoxi is cd_slopper's first multi-media release. This CD+ contains 44 audio tracks plus static as well as dynamic HTML/text/pics/Java executables. The results as you will experience are different & superior to the infantile bandwagon-jumping-rhizomesque-abstract-modulated-glitchy-parody-shitty-plug-in music. Just have a listen! SaskieWoxi is Computer Rave Music. Full of energy, fine rhythms that fit in everyone's DJ set, high quality midrange sound that you can hear on your Walkman, MP3 player or in-car HIFI anytime. A work that reflects the world and the way we experience it! OR info OR previous releases include the first ever minidisc-only product by GESCOM, MINI DISC [only 3] and the Computer Music CompactDiscZine, OR SOME COMPUTER MUSIC [issue 1]. OR< UNLESS 1 STÃœTZPUNKT WIEN 12: UFO Beobachtungen'93 - '95 IF 2 MAZK: spl [Masami Akita & Zbigniew Karkowski] ONLY 3 GESCOM: MD [MiniDisc only] SQUISH 4 FARMERS MANUAL: Explorers_We HOLD 5 DANIEL MENCHE: Vent ERROR 6 ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI & HELMUT SCHAFER: Disruptor ISSUE 1 Various Artists: OR SOME COMPUTER MUSIC SLUMP 8 FARMERS MANUAL: fsck LIP 9 SHIRT TRAX: Good News About Space JODEL 10 cd_slopper: SaskieWoxi [CD+] RELEASE 11 FRANCISCO LÃ'PEZ: untitled # 89 FORMAT 12 EARTH: Live 070796 [One-sided LP] OR CDR Series< Zbigniew Karkowski & Edwin van de Heide: DATASTREAM INCAPACITANTS: Unauthorised Fatal Operation 990130 Hecker: [OT] xackpy breakpoint: OR presents 2001 [coming soon...]< JUST 13 Various Artists: OR MD Compilation ISSUE 2 Various Artists: OR SOME COMPUTER MUSIC we will soon be launching a new website at: - look out for further information'
"An enigmatic artefact from Oswald Berthold (OST) and Florian Hecker, members of Farmers Manual, whose unutterably strange Explorers_We from 1998 continues to bewilder the unwary. Hecker's projects for Mego have involved a near nihilistic reductionism, records which challenge the listener to endure their inhuman tones. These Austrian laptop manipulating mischief makers have an agenda to scramble the linear constraints of a normal listenibg experience. SaskieWoxi is a work that reflects the world and the way we experience it. Well, yes - if you experience the world mainly through a laptop's screen. Are CD_Slopper elitists? The package (with its cryptic sleeve) might be designed to alienate any non-initiates unprepared to hack through layers of digital camouflage. But there is a way past these hurdles. SaskieWoxi's full potential for disruption isn't realised through sedantary listening; rather, it's a portable consumer product for listeners with a mobile lifestyle, who rely on minituarised technology to feed slivers of sound into a busy schedule. Hecker and OST likewise operate within a high speed framework; they produced this during lucid intervals in their hectic programme, only ever meeting in the studio to graft together datafiles from incompatible computer platforms. But simply inserting this in your CD player may disappoint at first. Its 44 tracks are apparently indexed at random, the first ten simply variations on a monotonous sequenced rhythm. But twisted delights are on the way: insane digital noises, harsh sonic extremes, earsplitting high tones, bitter electric grunts and atomised samples leaping out of nowhere. Even more disconcerting are the sudden dropouts and unexpected silences. Pasting these violent dynamics onto a home environment is lethal: innocent passers-by fainted and my neighbour's dogs died. But this disconnected, skeletal nature allows new listening freedoms too. Indeed, they boast on the cover that this is a computer rave attack!!! and new DJ tool!!!, suggesting a larger, interactive project. DJs should add its fine rhythms to their mixes; MP3 and Walkman users will reach Nirvana through the high quality midrange sound. Further multimedia goodies (Java, ASCII and PIXX files, and numerous HTML links) flesh out this skeleton, concealed on the disc along with a health warning. The fragmented graphics, images and soundfiles might well jump together into a fabulous mosaic of digitised music and art, if I could only discover the right keystroke to activate it."
Ed Pinsent, The Wire