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Guido - Onward



State of Joy

Released: 4th May 2018 | 2 track grime single

After a long sabbatical (three years!) Guido returns with a two track single Onward/Blazing Trails. The release is set to be the first of a string of releases intended to drop this year.

'Onward' is a throwback to the grime period around double o four, influenced by artists such as Low Deep, Dizzee, Rapid & Wiley to name a few. The track contains a big orchestral palette - strings, horn stabs and choir to boot alongside blaring saw synthesizers over subby kick drums and rhythmic clap/hi-hat patterns.

Like the lead track, 'Blazing Trails' casts a vast array of sounds. It is a colourful upbeat party banger with a unique blend of real instruments; guitar stabs, quick-fire harp melodies along with mysterious synth lines and a bouncing sub.

Like Guido's previous releases, this one has a familiar focus on melodies which can be said to be attributed to the 'Purple sound' that took listeners by storm all those years ago. Time having moved on a lot since then, it goes to show that bangers like 'Mad Sax' & 'Beautiful Complication' are still being repped by club DJs today demonstrating the timeless zone Guido likes to operate in.