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Guido - Unknown



State of Joy

Released: 20th July 2018 | 4 track electronic ep

Not resting on his laurels, Bristol electronic/bass music veteran Guido follows up his recently released comeback single 'Onward' with a 4-track EP equally as potent.

Inspired by the producer's trek from Cairo to Capetown in 2017, this new EP features tracks expressing the exotic and unfamiliar surroundings that were experienced on the trip - hence the title of the EP - Unknown.

The first track 'Would Oud Mind?' as the name suggests features an oud, a plucked string instrument from the Middle East alongside reverberated square waves and heavy sublow kicks. The track starts out mysterious and moody building up to an epic midsection where raspy brass horns kick in.

'54 Celsius' makes use of a brass section as well but in a more raw, agressive manner whereas 'Unknown' plays out at a slower tempo with an alluring minimalistic feel. Finally the EP rounds off with 'Babu Lamu' influenced by a visit to the Kenyan island and has an oceanic feel, showing off washy ethnic sounds beside pleasant arpeggiated bells and high pitched synth lines.