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Chevy - Blue Boogaloo
7" Vinyl
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Blue Boogaloo

Jack To Phono

Released: 4th December 2006 | 2 track leftfield/idm single
After the success of their last single Hard Massage on the now defunct Catskills Projects, Chevy jump ship to the ever-ready Jack To Phono for another slice of low-slung funk and beats. Taking sweeping orchestral samples, rolling basslines, heavy drums, hard hammond & haunting live instrumentation, Blue Boogaloo is sure to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention and turn a few shakes on the dancefloor. It’s Conan The Destroyer meets The Streets of San Francisco, or imagine how Dirty Dirty Harry would be if Lee Van Cleef got the job. That's Blue Boogaloo. On the flip, the talented Mr Tombee, fresh from the success of this Amelie In Dub single, cuts and scratches the track into a completely new composition with its chopped up beats, turntable trickery and vocal samples (you might spot a certain Radio 1 DJ in there somewhere!).
"Heralded by glitzy horns and strings, Simon Ham and Matt Juckes score an episode of Dynasty being infiltrated by a Blaxploitation superhero. ‘Blue Boogaloo’ is neatly funky, lolloping in footloose and free-spirited fashion. In other words, it’s very Jack to Phono, and the highest compliment you can probably pay it is that it has got masses of TV advert potential. The label’s new signings also display some of JTP’s standard kooky behaviour, with a chorus that sounds like a jive talker doing his own version of ‘Tiger Feet’. Tombee starts to take his remix to the lounge, but scuffs things up en route with a set of hip-hop tricks including abrasive scratching and beatboxing."
Matt Oliver, One Week To Live
"A fortuitous hook up for Jack To Phono, who relieve CH3VY from the hands of Catskills for this dynamic seven-inch, that punches well above its own weight. Constructed from the sampled soul of 70¹s TV scores and carrying a distinctly funked out easy listening vibe Blue Boogaloo has the nerve of cold steel wrapped in mystery, murder and suspense."
Found Sounds, DJ