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Phase 5 Stereo - Mambo Schmambo
7" Vinyl
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Phase 5 Stereo

Mambo Schmambo

Jack To Phono

Released: 7th April 2008 | 2 track leftfield/idm single
The first release from Phase 5 Stereo and the third in a series of 45s on Jack To Phono records. Phase 5 Stereo is a new project from ex-Ch3vy member Simon Ham & Drawbar (Counterpoint Records) organist Jo Brooks. Imagine an episode of Come Dancing and all the contestant's were wearing hob nailed boots. A Mambo Stomp is probably the best way to describe this track - bouncing drums, cheeky horns & an infectious piano hook mixed in with live organ, percussion and outstanding vocal stabs. Guaranteed dancefloor satisfaction! Over on the flip, this late 70's flavoured disco track happened by accident. Before we knew it the track was thinking by it self and started to take over. It grew and grew destroying everything in it's path. Seriously the track just wanted to live. From the basslines to the synths, the timbale drum solo to the vocal loop it all fell together . A definite disco climax weapon.
"devastating dancefloor action for sure"
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz