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Flevans - Take What You Need


Take What You Need

Jack To Phono

Released: 7th January 2013 | 3 track electropop ep

The 'Take What You Need EP' is the first new material from Flevans in over 2 years. Having re-signed to London label Jack To Phono, this new EP picks up where his last releases on Brighton's Tru Thoughts left off, showcasing Flevans' shift from organic instrumentation to a love of all things electronica. Each track on this EP offers up a different flavour; Title track 'Take What You Need' leans on a heavy rolling bassline, married up with a piano hooks and tough breaks....'Only The Foolish' moves into 8-bit house territory, and 'Wrong Turn' ups the tempo further with scattered live drums, vocal hits and orchestral sweeps. Flevans' 4th studio album drops sometime in 2013, and on this showing, it promises to be Flevans' strongest album yet.