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Hartheim - When Did Your Last Rose Die ?


When Did Your Last Rose Die ?

Jack To Phono

Released: 9th March 2015 | 1 track post-rock single

After an auspicious debut year, Hartheim have set their 2015 underway with new single, 'When Did Your Last Rose Die?'

Formed in the decay of the SWAYS Records Bunker with producer Martin Hurley (Money, Pins and Kult Country), it is without doubt the most lucid track the band has created so far.

'When Did Your Last Rose Die' exists as the band's warped attempt at a classic love ballad. The track confronts the down-spiralling correlation between passion and age; detailing the initial throws of young, boundless lust, and the slow descent into middle-aged hatred. It is this turn that serves their manifesto of playing with the contrast of light and dark, the once glacial guitars and swirling synth lines feeling more at odds with the lyrics as the track goes on.

Directed by Alexander Bell, the video focuses on the protagonist of the track and his various attempts to rediscover what once was, with little regard for what this might take to achieve. It is the director's take on how far one might go to remember how things used to be. Capturing the pure essence of the single, the visual accompaniment takes place in derelict theme parks and hypothermia inducing lakeside, focusing on the consecrated curse of lasting love.

2014 brought with it the endorsements of BBC 6 Music, and some high-profile support slots, as they went on to score the closing soundtrack to Edinburgh Fringe Festival's 5 star theatre production; Woyzeck. The Manchester quintet presents this latest episode as the first instalment of the next chapter for Hartheim.

They will shortly be announcing shows in London, Hebden Bridge and Manchester following the release.