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Phase 5 Stereo - 8 Track
CD Album
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Phase 5 Stereo

8 Track

Jack To Phono

Released: 30th April 2012 | 8 track jazz-funk album
Phase 5 Stereo is a quirky funk project from the UK (South Coast & Up North). Consisting of Simon Ham (Bass, Guitars and Productions) and Jo Brooks (hammond organ & Various Keyboards), alongside a select collective of musicians, vocalists and a scratch DJ. Heavily influenced by library (KPM, Dewolfe, Bosworth) soundtrack composers of the 60s and 70s Phase 5 Stereo adopt a modernist approach to this tradition. After 2 successful 7s on Jack to Phono the Long player has arrived and Phase 5 Stereo have received support from Pete Isaac at Jelly Jazz, Dom Servini, Flevans, Ezequiel Lodiero, Kid Loco, Diesler and Matty O. They have also been played on the Craig Charles Funk Show.
"On the Stereo...Good Vibes!"
David Hanke, Rengades of Jazz
"A Two And Afro is a massive tune!"
Djouls, Paris DJs
"Fantastic Really love the production, very spooky and deep!"
Smoove, Smoove & Turrell/ Wack