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Fred Berlipp Band - Beating Steel / Law Breakers
7" Vinyl
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Fred Berlipp Band

Beating Steel / Law Breakers

Tramp Records

Released: 23rd April 2012 | 2 track funk single

The 10th release in the JAZZ DANCE SERIES brings you some serious, previously unreleased library funk!

Born 1921 as Friedel Berlipp near Hannover, Germany, Berry Lipman became one of Germany's most successful heroes of 60s and 70s groovy lounge-pop. Before that, he was an in-house composer for the record label EMI, working for Gitte, Chris Howland, Cliff Richard, and many more.

In 1967 he became a freelance music producer and founded the Berry Lipman Orchester. He also worked for Selected Sound, the Hamburg based library company which started in 1968. Lipman was one of their main composers during the 60/70ies.

Between 1968 and 1987 Selected Sound released 122 albums. Among there is as many crap as fantastic funk, & jazz pearls. The two songs which we choose for this 7 single release are not just for the beats'n'breaks diggers & producers but also for the jazz & funk listeners.