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Broken Time Orchestra - Broken Time
CD Album
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Broken Time Orchestra

Broken Time


Released: 25th September 2006 | 10 track album
BROKEN TIME ORCHESTRA Broken Time is the first artist album released by Julm Records. The album is a pure manifestation of new sound (uus heli as we say it in Estonian). Broken Time Orchestra stands on two people- Priit Julm Juurmann and Taavi Kerikmäe. The group's music is a fusion of broken-beats, soul, funk, deep house, electronics and acoustics that is so hard to describe: so better listen. The album holds 10 tracks. All tracks, but one are previously unreleased. 'Sumuuk' is featured on the last compilation of Julm Records (Julm Longplayer no.1). P.Julm describes the procedure: 'It has taken 3 years for me and Taavi to finish the album. As always the hardest task was to define our own sound: melting together gravelly analog soundscapes and futuristic sound visions. Also very important source for the colors are the people with whom we have been working on this album.'
"Forget about the West London here comes the West Tallinn"