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Korpi Ensemble - Puu
CD Album
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Korpi Ensemble



Released: 10th July 2006 | 12 track album
It was many years ago it seems, that someone mysteriously sent me a six track demo recording. To this day, I still have no idea who actually sent this to me? CD-R's sent without detailed information exacerbate hurt even more when you really love the music you are listening to. Like a track on the radio and the announcer just doesn't announce the artist, title or label. All it read was Korpi Ensemble Demos, 'think you might like '' The Finnish postage stamp being my only clue of its origins. I'm happy many years later, to finally put the record straight and offer detailed information about this wonderful Finnish band and my mysteriously sent CD-R. 'Korpi, the Finnish word describing a dark and old forest. But please, don't let that put you off as being another melancholic dreary recording from a band who's love lives are faltering. 'Puu' is an inordinately moving experience of hope and desire, love and real life. The fascinating fragility of Johanna Iivanainen's voice, the mesmerising and magnet relationship she has and enjoys with the accordion of Hannu Oskala and the keyboards of Arttu Kataja. Aided with the marvellous and sympathetic double bass and drums of Tero Tuovinen and Pekka Saarikorpi and guitar of Petri Kivimäki, she so often soares to the magical heights that saw her win the Sony Jazz price in the year 2003 in Finland. I couldn't help but think of the most impressionable singer I ever heard, Minnie Riperton. Emotion carries so much weight when singing about love and life. Johanna Iivanainen's emotion is detailed and additional to the norm. And then, when you feel she is all about being susceptible to instability and vulnerability, she lets loose in 'Blind world' like a rocket heading to outer space. Power, composure and commitment also carry so much weight in singing the songs you choose to live your life by. Some how I can feel Minnie smiling from far above in appreciation. The feeling that accompanies 'Puu' is so far from being unsatisfied. In fact, you couldn't wish for more in a song based long player. Never once did I experience an inclination to want or wish for more in this album. In a world consumed with 'want', this was a unexpected and delightfully pleasing inward sensation to say the least. It has a lovely manner and bearing and balance on ones spirit. Some how expressing something new and something old, and all at the same time too. Music to be becharmed by, captivated and enamoured, yet far from being a foolish or unreasoning fondness I feel. Korpi Ensemble are simply a band that deliver astonishing emotion and truthfulness in their music, and it is just so hard to not let some of this emotion filter through to ones own heart. The demos that were so mysteriously sent to me all those years ago, were in all truth never been far from my CD player. Strange how these things come around. 'Puu' I feel, apart from being not only close to your favourite audio mechanical device, it will also be very close to your heart. Edgy, mysterious, fragile, suspenseful, but always supremely beautiful and graceful. Brought to you once again, by the heavenly Jupiter label from Finland. These guys are inhabiting a divine collection of artists and bands unlike anything I have seen in a long time. Korpi Ensemble and 'Puu' are just another reason why we have to go Finnish in the 05. This album in particular has the wonderful crossover potentials that really exhilarate and excite. I do hope you get the same wonderful pleasure as I did.'