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Tuomo - My Thing
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My Thing


Released: 2nd July 2007 | 13 track album
My Thing, Tuomos new album, is the proof that soul music is universal. Helsinki may be thousands of miles away from the factories of Detroit or the beaches of California, but listen to the gospel infused Dont Take It Too Hard or the introspective opening track I Wish and you are taken to a place we can all relate to. It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. The cool climate of Finland houses a hotspot for modern soul and jazz, My Thing may be this burgeoning scene’s finest work so far. Blue-eyed soul comes with no more conviction and understanding than this. A musician to the core, Tuomo has already won acclaim for his piano playing in jazz circles, but now he has found his voice. And what a voice it is. The warmth of Donny, the melodies of Stevie, the conscience of Marvin; Tuomo has taken his place at the vanguard of the global neo-soul movement. Highlights of this beguiling album include My Thing, the energetic organ-led title track, So Surreal which is characterised by Tuomos Beatles-esque piano arrangements and the love-hate lament of True Friend. His songwriting is never lazy, every word is sung with real feeling and the musicianship is world-class. Without ever becoming clichéd, My Thing reaches back to a time when it was a whole orchestra and not a lone computer boffin that made music. Like Nicole Willis did last year, Tuomo is making a worthy contribution to the canon of great soul music rather than just exploiting black music’s rich history. His sound may have its roots in the past, but Tuomo is taking soul music forwards with My Thing. It really is a case of its not where Tuomo is from, it’s where hes at. Tuomo should be in your heart and at the top of your chart!