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Tuomo - don't take it too hard
7" Vinyl
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don't take it too hard


Released: 7th May 2007 | 2 track single
Another quality release from Finland's best kept secret Jupiter records. Tuomo Prättälä, the main proprietor of respected soul and funk outfits Q-continuum and Quintessence enriches our soul with sensual and passionate music from his debut and forthcoming 'My Thing' CD. Two gorgeous soulful tracks on a very limited collectors 7inch give us a taste of the man's inspiration and musical values. 'Don't take it too hard' is a stomping foot shaker in the classic soul sense. Sounding super authentic and true with brilliant production skills bringing this 2007 track back to somewhere in the mid 60's. How many will be caught out by the correct date of Tuomo's production and scintillating arrangement? 'Ourselves' finds Tuomo reminiscing over another mysterious Finnish lover affair while realising that girlfriends come and go, our Stevie Wonder records simply stay with us for ever. Again, check that arrangement.