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Studio Dan - Creatures & Other Stuff

Studio Dan

Creatures & Other Stuff

JazzWerkstatt Records

Released: 13th July 2018 | 17 track avant garde jazz album

Daniel Riegler — cond
Gunde Jäch-Micko — violin
Martina Engel — viola
Julia Purgina — viola
Maiken Beer — cello
Bernd Satzinger — bass
Herbert Mayr — bass
Theresia Melichar — oboe, english-horn
Astrid Bauer — oboe
Maria Gstättner — bassoon
Clemens Salesny — reeds
Wolfgang Schiftner — reeds
Martin Eberle — trumpet, fluegelhorn
Philip Yaeger — trombone
Peter Rom — guitar
Clemens Wenger — piano
Margit Schoberleitner — perc
Leo Riegler — electronics, voc
Tibor Kövesdi — e-bass, bass, cymbals, carhorn
Wolfgang Kendl — drums

All tracks recorded between 27th February and 3rd March 2009 at the ORF-Studios/Vienna except for Nu Song #2″ which was recorded on 5th and 6th July 2008 as well as Käfig III and Hmm P K Dadada which were recorded live on 22nd December 2008 at the Porgy and Bess, Vienna
Recorded by Andreas Karlberger, Martin Todt (2009), Robert Pavlecka (July 2008) and Martin Vetters (December 2008)
Recording Supervisor: Stefan Heckel
Mixed and mastered by Werner Angerer
Fotos: Ditz Feyer
Design: Alex Beer