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Skari - Lonely Girl


Lonely Girl

King 45

Released: 24th August 2018 | 2 track lovers rock single

The Soon Come rhythm was written by Kelvin Judah and on this version Jamaician artist Skari writes and sings the song - Lonely Girl. All tracks produced Sam King and Kelvin Judah and mixed by Ed Foundation. The rhythm and production style was inspired by the lesser known reggae sub genre, African Love Dub; a mix of roots reggae, dub and lovers rock styles that surfaced in the UK during in the 1980s.

The project has brought together different players and singers.... Nikki Burt (recorded at Tads Studio Jamaica) sings backing vocals, Gavin Sant from the Dubheart band plays drums, Jahmel Ellison of the Rasites plays bass, Ronnie Francis features on piano, Patrick Tenyue on trumpet and producer Sam King plays guitar and organ.