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Various Artists - The Kajmere Sound Compilation vo.1.
CD Album
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Various Artists

The Kajmere Sound Compilation vo.1.

Kajmere Sound Rec

Released: 22nd May 2006 | 16 track album
Is music that matters ready for a comeback? Melodic changes, progressive arrangements, challenging rhythms, deep, soulful lyrics? Truth be told, it never actually left. It only disappeared from popular view. Out of sight, out of mind. If you wipe the foggy haze of commercialism from the window, you will rediscover Rewind to the days when acts like Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, or ambitious Norman Whitfield and Charles Stepney productions were aggressively promoted to the masses. Fast forward to a time when myopic corporations are so afraid to break the mold that exists, popular music has become akin to common household communicating, and creating places and spaces where they can have access to materials of substance. KAJMERE SOUND RECORDS - Bridges the progressive soulful underground and a wider, like-minded yet un-indoctrinated audience. - Established in 2003 hitting out with its first 12' single, 'This Journey In' by The Rebirth. 'The Rebirth is that band that gives us hope for the future of music!' 'King Britt - Three years later and 16 releases to date, ranging from soul to nu-jazz to hip hop to deep funk to deep soulful house. - Four special exclusives by The Rebirth, Choklate, MotionLab, and Nafro, and you have a diverse and passionate record where each of the 16 tracks typify Kajmeres tastemaking bridge that continues to be built.'
"Amazingly much of Kajmere Sounds 1' compilationis of a similar standard to The Rebirth's brilliant debuet, if not better There's fantastically funky dancefloor hip hop, sweet modern soul and impeccable hip hop soul with a smattering of sun kissed soul-jazz treats thrown in, essential stuff, basically *****"
"...Kajmere Sound is at the point when every project is top-notch quality. You'd safely be spending money on anything they release."
Urb Magazine