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Now On - Eye Level EP
12" Vinyl
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Now On

Eye Level EP

Kajmere Sound Rec

Released: 2nd October 2006 | 5 track ep
Hip-Hop lovers the world over have been inundated by cynics who think they're part of a dying art form. On the contrary, the members of Now On are leading a rebirth of the very fundamentals that defined Hip-Hop thirty years ago: originality, voice, culture and of course, entertainment. In fusing and confusing this elemental barometer, Now On emerges with a grimy freshness unseen or heard to date. Consisting of emcees IX Lives (son of Larry Squirrel Demps of the legendary Dramatics) and Jackson Perry formerly of Funktelligence, together with Haircut of Athletic Mic League (AML), Now On is set to make their tenure in the music industry the very definition of Def. With the Lab Technicians production team at the helm, Now On has pulled themselves up by their lyrical moon-bootstraps to pump out the futuristic soul that has the music scene buzzing about what’s to come. Following that buzz Now On recently relocated to Los Angeles to make their music accessible to a new audience and the world.