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Ulna - Frcture




Released: 15th August 2008 | 8 track leftfield/idm album

ULNA is the new and first common project by Valerio Zucca Paul (Abstract Q, 3EEM) on laptop and music journalist Andrea Ferraris (instruments, laptop), who a.o. has recorded and played with Airchamber 3, Andrea Marutti, or Luminance Ratio. On their debut FRCTURE the both Italians indulge their love for slivering sounds, broken beats, low drones, high frequencies, noisy layers and ambient soundscapes. Cold computered sounds meet real instruments such as guitar, glockenspiel, synths or cello (played by Andrea Serrapiglio, a.o. Carla Bozulich). Abstraction and darkness, a melody lies quiet underneath, a breezy airiness and a playfulness with love for the detail wave through the 8 tracks – ULNA master the balancing act between experimental head-music and body-moving electronics for the dancefloor very elegantly. Thus ULNA live up to their motto Breaking your arms ... softly in a fascinating way. FRCTURE takes the listener on a thrilling journey into urban sound textures.

"... in league with their own and surely years ahead of the vast crew of beginners around. Recommended."
Heathen Harvest
"... as in general things are haunting this rattling and wafting quern that wouldn’t be there at reasonable mind …. chirping, fizzling, on heavy rotation."
Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy