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LRD JXN - Wuja Wuja Wah (feat. AL_PD & UNDA)


Wuja Wuja Wah (feat. AL_PD & UNDA)


Released: 12th September 2011 | 6 track beats & breaks ep
This is the debut EP release from LRD JXN, a producer and DJ based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been a musician and record collector for many years, and has had a number of releases on various compilations, but this is his first release proper. The EP came about when Eomac from the !Kaboogie label spent some time in New Zealand and came across LRD JXN's music and was suitably taken with it to give it a release when he came home. The EP comprises 6 tracks of wonky, colourful, synth based hip-hop and electronic beats, two of which are remixes (one of US artist AL_PD and the other of UNDA). Taking influences from both the LA beat scene and the Brainfeeder crew and what has been happening in Glasgow with artists like Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, LRD JXN has put his own personal stamp on the sound with strong melodies, deep atmospheres and smooth textures.