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Various Artists - Mix The Vibe: DJ Spinna
CD Album
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Various Artists

Mix The Vibe: DJ Spinna

King Street

Released: 18th May 2009 | 21 track leftfield/idm album
Much has been written and said about King Street Sounds but the highest praise must be reserved for their catalogue, which reveals the label's intense commitment to an enormous plexus of creative music in New York.This is the eleventh release in King Street's successful and popular MIX THE VIBE series. Varied and deep enough so that almost a dozen talented DJs have been able to re-interpret it without sounding the same. For this special excursion we have DJ Spinna who is known more for his work as a hip-hop producer / DJ / beat maker than he is for house music. Naturally his take is different to those established house DJs. Spinna works to this highpoint on the mix in different way. In his soulful selecting process he reveals the connections between house music and R&B like Stephanie Cooke's Everything. He also shows us audibly that the beats in house and hip-hop aren't that far away, such as King Britt's Scuba mix of Ananda Project's Expand Your Mind and MAW's mix of Mondo Grosso's Vibe PM; and being an adventurous individual Spinna's not afraid to take a mad yet inspired side-route, i.e., the Isolee remix of Snooze. The album also features Spinna's classic Days Like This. As if all these highlights weren't enough, we're also treated to a special intro cut and Spinna exploring his own infectious infatuation with the music of Fela Kuti on his previously released 12 cut for King Street Deep Rooted. This mix shows once again hip-hop and house aren't that far away from each other. With mixes like this I think not. Hip-hop and house co-exist organically in NYC, their worlds connecting through genuine headz like Spinna.