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Lopez - Beat Dispenser
12" Vinyl
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Beat Dispenser

Keep Up!

Released: 4th May 2009 | 5 track electro-funk ep
Keep Up! 004 Following the success of their previous three releases, Keep Up! spring into Summer 2009 with Beat Dispenser, the first full release from Paraguayan funksters Lopez. After winning fans around the world with their past output, which include last years sleeper smash Barrio, Beat Dispenser sees Lopez toning down the Latin flavour, and flexing their production muscles to deliver a wonderfully layered and lush sounding five track EP of 80s influenced synth-based hip hop (think Dam-Funk meets Danny Breaks). Swinging between the downtempo stylings of Music, the plodding basslines of Mulato and the sharp stabs of head nodder Theo's Beat, the EP's centrepiece is the synth ripping, vocoder beating Jellybean, leaving you unsure whether you should be bumping and grinding or breaking out your best moves on the lino. This confusion doesn't last long, once long time Keep Up! friend and Tru Thoughts wonder Hint interrupts proceedings with his remix of Jellybean, ramping up the two step drums, and leaving the dancefloor shaking from the reworked bassline. Heavy is the word. Quotes More goodness from Lopez. Tough drums, quirky synth tones & warm, fat production. Lovely! Mr Scruff Great stuff as always Tim Love Lee Jellybean couldn't get much nicer Wrongtom