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Lopez - Zapping EP
12" Vinyl
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Zapping EP

Keep Up!

Released: 17th May 2010 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep
Synth stabs and bass slaps, boom clacks and hand claps, white lines and good times. There's many places you would expect to be kick starting the new boogie sound of 2010, but while New York is sleeping, Asuncion is burning. May 2010 sees Keep Up! Records favourite Paraguayan poly-funkers return after their critically acclaimed Beat Dispenser EP, with a South American slant on eighties funk and disco. The title track, Zapping, steps you through a mid tempo shoulder shaker, adding more bounce to your ounce, and more pow to your pac- man. Single finger melodies slowly blend into vocoder-ed hooks, and before you know it, you're thinking of moving the needle back, to start the groove all over again. But don't touch that dial just yet, things are just getting started, and suddenly we're on the dancefloor. The triple header of Discoshit, Neon Lights and Pushin It picks up the tempo and the mood. The rolling rhythms and wobbling basslines of Discoshit get you in the mood, while Neon Lights illuminate the darker corners of the nightclub, and finally, the heavy hooks of Pushin It build to a heady climax. Having danced the night away, the smooth talkers of synth mastery, casually take it home with the bedroom boogie of Lines, and you're left wondering how you resisted for so long. HEAT.