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Fuchy - 420
Vinyl LP
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Kabul Fire Records

Released: 2nd December 2016 | 6 track instrumental (east coast) ep

Kung Fuchy - A refugee. An orphan. A street urchin. A 11 year old bearded, sticky fingered now-where-did-your-cellie-go?! type miscreant. The prodigal son of the Afghani Big Lebowski. The street corner shit talker. The Bart Simpson of Kabul. The brother who claims he knows your moms and your girl, intimately. A hustler. Young Fuchy. The kid who used to sell poppy heads by the kilo. One of many, but one of a kind. A beat maker. A maverick. A musical hypnotist. A kid on a mission to avenge Kenny for every single one of his deaths. The youngin' with a truly odd future. A fucking menace with a golden heart. Flashback. There is a war raging in Kabul. After a bomb strike, Fuchy stands in front of what used to be his home: all that is left is debris and paralyzing pain. He looks around. He is left with nothing but his queer mind and his superpower: music. Equipped like this, he embarks on a journey to the distant, foreign and uncertain world of the West. This is the narrative context for the adventures of the odd midget fighter Fuchy. The story of a refugee from Afghanistan, who tries to explore his new environment on his own terms. Fuchy is drawn, animated, made up. He's like the oriental hip-hop version of Bart Simpson. But at the same time, he couldn't be more real - because he's full of contradictions. Fuchy, is not only the protagonist of 420, he's also the alter ego of Farhad Farhot Samadzada, a Hamburg-based music producer. Farhot, who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, 34 years ago, has not only worked with top German artists like Max Herre, Haftbefehl, Samy Deluxe, Karate Andi and Xatar. He has also successfully worked for internationally renowned artists such as soul-singer Nneka from Nigeria, multi-platinum-selling Belgian artist Selah Sue and UK grime queen Ms Dynamite or the US hip-hop stars Talib Kweli and Isaiah Rashad. Recently, Farhot founded his own label Kabul Fire.