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Boxcutter - Retina Grains


Retina Grains

Kinnego Records

Released: 13th October 2014 | 2 track leftfield/idm single

The sixth release on Kinnego, a two track single from Boxcutter. This one sees Barry continuing with the 160bpm experimentation of The Host project on Planet Mu, and his recent Gnosis EP for Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge imprint.

Travel By Dragonfly is a spacious Oriental-flavoured jazz funk groove, suspended on a framework of 808 subs and detailed drumwork. The crate-digging feel, wing-fluttering cabasa programming and insistent toms combine with a pretty, precussive synth line and booming kicks to create a fresh, open sound.

Retina Grains recalls the sound of the first few Boxcutter albums, with a heavy cymbal break and sub combo that'll be familiar to fans of Glyphic and Oneiric. Building around a simple Rhodes piano part and cosmic jazz textures into a few different grooves, it finally drops into a heavy outro for more daring dancefloors.

Mastered by Bob Macc @ Subvert Central Mastering

Artwork by Nia @ Star-Fu.TV

Tracks feature in a mix for Thump / Vice

and also a podcast for the Russian FollowMe radio station