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Boxcutter & Defcon - New Yen EP

Boxcutter & Defcon

New Yen EP

Kinnego Records

Released: 10th November 2014 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Boxcutter & Defcon – New Yen EP

Kinnego presents an EP of collaborations between Boxcutter and Defcon, hatched in a leaky flat in South Belfast over the last couple of years. Includes a dazzling star turn by jazz and broken beat don Kaidi Tatham, and some lush chord work from long term Kinnego associate Ken & Ryu.

Defcon has been running Reset, a busy club night in Belfast's Menagerie Bar and also a record label, with Kaidi and fellow Kinnego veterans Kab Driver and Brian Greene for a few years now. He's already released on Reset, which showcased his trippy dubwise take on electronic hiphop.

Opening track Phonetic Flex (feat. Ken & Ryu) enters on an open, rolling tip, dropping through a series of drum workouts until the hints of melody finally cohere and lead into the outro.

Title track New Yen begins with digital, mallets and fairlights-style melodics, before dropping into a sparse jungle-inspired mid-section, then rolling out with almost liquid intentions.

Skylights (feat. Kaidi Tatham) is built around some beautiful and emotive synth-work, laid down by Kaidi one afternoon in the same leaky flat. Flipping through footwork-inspired drum patterns while the chords evolve, it finally ascends into a sweet analogue crescendo.

Finally, Egpyt is the proper banger of the bunch, a heavy brooding number built around some '70s percussion samples recorded inside the pyramids. It builds through some halftime drops until a hotpants break smashes into the mix. Dancefloor tested!

Cat # KGO007

1 Phonetic Flex (feat. Ken & Ryu)

2 New Yen

3 Skylights (feat. Kaidi Tatham)

4 Egypt

Distributed by Kudos.

Artwork by and Defcon.

Mastered by Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering.