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Barry Lynn & Brian Greene - Remote Relations

Barry Lynn & Brian Greene

Remote Relations

Kinnego Records

Released: 9th March 2015 | 3 track downtempo ep

Kinnego comes full circle! Originally started as a platform for vocal collaborations between Barry Lynn and Brian Greene (formerly of Kinnego Flux), here we have a short EP of sweet, skype-mediated balladry. In the 6 years since KGO001 was released, Barry and Brian have collaborated together on several Boxcutter albums, especially on The Dissolve, released on Planet Mu in 2011. Brian has recently relocated to Berlin and is currently working on his own music (he's a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as singer).

Lead track As If U flips some D50 flutes, bass guitar and a jazz fusion sample into a deep, hollow sounding track that Brian complements with lyrics exploring themes of benevolence and exploitation.

Remote Relations has already cropped up in some Boxcutter mixes, including the FabricLive mix from 2012. Here we present the definitive version, a pulsing bass guitar-driven track with a wistful vocal delivery musing on long distance relationships.

Finally, What It Means is a wintry, spectral boogie track with a sweet drop full of instrumental overtones and crackling drums.