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Boxcutter - Vatic Dreams


Vatic Dreams

Kinnego Records

Released: 14th August 2015 | 5 track downtempo ep

Kinnego presents a short selection of tape-smudged Boxcutter jams. Recorded over the last few years, they shift about in tempo, but have a common thread of loose-pitched, walkman-inspired Doppler effect vibes, and Dolby-resistant hiss.

Vatic means describing or predicting the future. First track, Vatic Dreams, is a mellow new age jam full of rainforest texture and repitched bass guitar licks, that then dissolves into delayed digi-sax tones. Sunrise Funk smacks envelope-following basslines and workstation flutes into an 80s-indebted groove, while Login Fanfare mixes extended chords and fretless bass with a wonky footwork-ish beat and sub-bass to hint at expansive bedroom jungle of yore. Network is a pretty, simple track to give the listener a breather; a drum machine rattles through a guitar amp while gamelan samples and analogue synths drop in and out as decoration. Closer tune Vatic Outro comes doused in 80s melodrama, all chorus guitar arps and grinding tape machine reels on the cusp of giving up the ghost.