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Defcon - Reach Out


Reach Out

Kinnego Records

Released: 16th October 2015 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep

Kinnego presents a three-tracker of sophisticated 160bpm beatwork from Defcon, or Connor Dougan to his mum. Connor has been making tracks and DJ'ing for a while now; after attending an RBMA back in 2007, he's taken the lesser-travelled route of low-key experimentation and refinement, and has arrived at something unique, informed by leftfield hiphop and crate-digging, but also modern dub trickery and bass weight.

All three tracks share a melodic approach to vocal sampling, layering weird chopped-soul mantras on top of boom bap frameworks, fleshed out with footwork-inspired drum machine rolls and subs. Reach Out opens the EP with epic jazz funk flute stabs and dynamic drops full of chord stabs and restrained technicality. The Crux is a weighty, blues-inflected groove seemingly put through the Black Ark's mixing board, delay tendrils telling another story over the top of a deep chant. Finally, Moonquake comes across like a hybrid of Windowlicker-editing and drum snap with Napolian's more gentle 80s dreamtime moments.